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"SyndicationPro reduced work hours on our last deal by 30%"

Deal Summary

Property: Glendale Groves, 28 unit in Glendale, AZ

Choosing SyndicationPro

SyndicationPro was a recommendation from another sponsor and investment firm. We were given a virtual tour by Os and felt that it met our needs.

The Results

Since using SyndicationPro, our team was able to reduce work hours on our last deal by 30%. We have also spent less time having to manually input investor information and sign paperwork.“ We needed a turn-key syndication program to help us spend less time on administrative work and more time on taking down deals. Syndication Pro was the answer! Super easy to use and professional looking for our investors.”

A Strategic Partner

Os was the reason why we chose to sign up with SyndicationPro. He was extremely helpful and responsive to our questions right off the bat.

Company Name:

Vertical Street Ventures

Client Name:

Jenny Gou, Managing Partner

Investment Focus:

Acquiring & Managing


Brea, California

"At SyndicationPro, we are focused on helping our customers adopt digital transformation to gain a competitive edge and scaling their business. It was a pleasure working with a future-thinking leader like Jenny. I am excited to serve as a strategic partner for Vertical Street Ventures."

- Osbert Luong, Account Executive

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