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PrimeCapital investments lLC
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PrimeCapital investments LLC

From Investor Management Services customer to a loyal SyndicationPro convert

Danny Flores At A Glance

Company Overview

  • Title: Principal Investment
  • Focus: Multifamily Syndications
  • Assets in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and North Carolina


Finding a user-friendly interface that is easy to adopt for your investors is crucial for maintaining relationships with your investors. Our customers switch to us from our competitors because we are easy to use.


SyndicationPro is a platform that all your investors will approve of! Fast and prompt email updates, easy ACH distributions, and setting up new deals are just a few reasons why Danny has enjoyed using SyndicationPro.


  • Setting up a new deal is so easy, as the process is entirely streamlined
  • ACH Distributions
  • Maintain relationship with investors
$6 Million

...raised with SyndicationPro

"It is important to consider the methodologies you are trying to adopt when selecting a software service. We understand the industry trends and offer the only co-sponsor module service.It was a pleasure to provide Ten15 Capital a solution to partner on deals and grow their business."

- Osbert Luong, Account Executive

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