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Aram Sarkissian At A Glance

Company Overview

  • Title: Principal
  • Investment Focus: Build to rent deals, B & C class multifamily syndications
  • Nearly $300M of commercial real estate holdings


“The platform's been really great.I feel like we were pretty early to the platform. We had the pleasure of meeting Jacob in a meet very early on and we love their energy and enthusiasm and really their desire to build something better.”
-Aram Sarkissian


  • Intuitive and user friendly
  • Great for young companies, as this platform allows you to scale up as you go
  • Facilitates a smooth fundraise my streamlining all backend processes
$6.5 Million

raised with SyndicationPro

"It is important to consider the methodologies you are trying to adopt when selecting a software service. We understand the industry trends and offer the only co-sponsor module service.It was a pleasure to provide Ten15 Capital a solution to partner on deals and grow their business."

- Osbert Luong, Account Executive

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